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More than a long-age history of the enterprise “Stroydetali” dates back to 1905 as a steam sawmill. The foundations of woodworking traditions established some decades later gave an opportunity in the 60s of the XX century to form a business profile of the plant as a company in the field of woodworking providing for the building complex of the country. The plant specialized in the production of windows after the construction of window blocks workshop in 1976. Since 1987 after setting into operation door blocks workshop the plant started to produce doors. Since early 90s the plant “Stroydetali” has started to specialize in door production which allowed to achieve perfection in this sphere. In 1994 the company was privatized and turned into Joint Stock Company.

Since 2011 the doors of the Joint Stock Company “Stroydetali” have been produced under the brand name «Vi LARIO». New exclusively designed doors from selected pine tree were developed and put into production on the occasion of «Vi LARIO» presentation.

Today the company "Stroydetali" with the staff of more than 700 people specializes in the production of interior wooden doors and is able to produce doors not only from solid softwood, but also doors faced with natural veneer and veneer fine-line. With the direct participation of highly qualified specialists the company continues to develop successfully in perspective areas, mastering new equipment, new materials and cutting edge technologies.

The Joint Stock Company "Stroydetali" (Brand Name "Vi LARIO") repeatedly became a winner of such prestigious contests as "The Best Goods of Belarus", "The Best Furniture of Belarus", "The Best Construction Product of the Year."

In 2015 our company launched the production of new door samples faced with veneer fine-line under the brand name "Belovezhskiye". At present we are producing more than 46 different door samples with varied finishing.

All production of "Stroydetali" is certified according to the state standards of the Republic of Belarus and meets all the required standards for this type of product.

The Joint Stock Company "Stroydetali" has been part of the group companies “Bellesbumprom” since 2000.